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#235186 - The celebration of this was wild with food, drink and carousing with a nude Thorvik Kabot as the centerpiece, having been cocooned in unbreakable, transparent gauze-webbing and hung, upside-down over the main feast table, where scantily clad Spider-Acolytes teased and toyed with the only part of the legendary Succubus-Slayer that wasn't cocooned: Thorvik's 12” inch cock, permanently trapped in a state of extreme arousal with no hope of orgasm. Only to have the Spider-Succubus suddenly descend from the ceiling, catch Thorvik in her six arms and then ascend upwards. The mighty warrior screamed in rage and indignation as his loincloth dropped to the floor, exposing his nude and helpless body to Kalindraa and her Acolytes.

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Hibiki sakura
Thank you so much
Mizuho miyanokouji
It s actually old fashioned japanese hentai