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#242560 - Michael didn't want to tell his friend his new dirty secret, that the whole time he was watching the video of the young girl getting a spit shoved though her, real or not, all he could think about was that he was the young girl being held down taking the spit in his own wide open pussy for all to see, this he would keep to himself for awhile, after finishing his beer he said goodbye to his friend and went home to think about all he had seen and talked about today, once home he could not get the video out of his head and fired up his computer going to every search website he could find looking for it, or more of the same, What was that word he typed in to bring up that video? mike kept saying to him self over and over again, Dolcetto? no that’s a wine, isn’t it?, it was something like that he thought to himself. A few days at least later, So the Doc said I can start to use my new pussy in a few days, it's been a few days Mike said looking across to Steve from the be

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