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#371015 - Sweat had by now popped out on Laura's forehead, as she struggled to through her opening remarks, her mind instead on the incessant buzzing in her tight little pussy! As Hanna stumbled along, Laura could tell that Hanna was in distress, and she interrupted her to ask if she was all right. Her mind was now spinning out of control, and the order that her master had given her was now coming into focus! On wobbly legs, Hanna got to her feet, walked around the large desk, and stopped right next to Laura Thomas' chair! Unsure of what was happening, Laura had a look of concern on her face, but certainly not one of fear, but before the seated woman could speak, and much to her total amazement, the thirty five year old sales woman, calmly lifted the hem of her skirt, and exposed her bare vagina, only a foot or so away from her face! What's going on here, Laura stammered, have you lost your mind?!? In a voice that was so soft it was barely audible, Hanna whispered, P-p- pleas

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Mikoto utsugi
This is still one of best hentaiss i really hope for something in long pleated skirt and something in maxi dress damn hot
Erika kurumi
Mke hmu
Fav hentai by far