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#306756 - Sure enough just after 10pm my room telephone rang to inform me that I had visitors at the reception, I left the room and went to meet them they both looked great, casually dressed in short skirts and loose fitting tops, they both greeted me warmly and I then led them back to my room, once inside they asked if I had some liquor for them and were pleased when they found out I had, it was then that I realised that they were probably under 21, but I said nothing as I poured 3 large JD’s and coke added some ice and handed them out, the girls were now filling the hot tub saying that they had intended to ask to shower but the hot tub looked better, they added a large quantity of bath essence and the tub was soon full of hot bubbly water, they had sunk their first drinks so I refilled their glasses as they began to undress so I stood and watched as they got naked, the firm boobs, the shapely asses, their neatly trimmed pussy hair, and pretty smiles were wonderful to watch, once naked they lea

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