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#198404 - I assume to think about me. I begin by slowly rubbing your neck and shoulders, you respond with a low moan and closing your eyes . you look up at me with a wild desire in your eyes as you slowly take me in your mouth till just past the head than out again to tease the head some more with your tongue in and out you go taking a little bit more of me in the embrace of your soft lips gliding your tong around till i can feel my cock touch the back of your throat you are moving more determined now and I am starting to match your movement with my hips just to feel your mouth some more from time to time you stop my thrusting just to slowly take me in your mouth all the way to the base driving me nuts and than you pull me all the way out and tease me with your tongue some more leaving no part untasted than you take me in your mouth again building up my eagerness till i am ready to burst moaning and grunting with pleasure .

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