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#102039 - ’ She ran to her car grabbed the metal stick that every cup has and some Vaseline, which I didn’t know where the hell did she get it (I bet she always hid it in the car). She started to tease my cunt by putting and brushing the head of the stick to my pussy lips, the feeling was soo fucking great that I started to move my lips forward trying to get it inside but she was so experienced, that every time I move forward she remove the stick and get it away, She finally did it, she started to get the head inside me, it was soo thick soo cold and hard, I just felt love with it, she started to fuck me real slow in and out, my hips were moving reall hard but she kept it slow ‘ pleaseeee I beg u get faser alittle bit officer, I cant stand it any more’ ‘ is that really what you want, can u take it all inside’ she asked me ‘ yes yes, every inch I can take, pleassssssssssseeeeee’ suddenly she started to get faster and faster, she was going so fast, I had couple of orgasms, she

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