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#175586 - She had been purposely avoiding her clit to deny the milkman the thrill he sought in manipulating her, but lost in her thoughts her probing fingers found her lust button and her body separated from her mind, relishing in the stimulation. “I just came to get more milk from you, I never expected to find you playing with yourself and get a show!” All the while Julie hadn’t stopped touching herself and rubbing her clit, her finger tips teased her mercilessly, she was losing control to her lust once more and going weak legged she fell forward leaning one tit into the inside of the door frame, the other into the man occupying the doorway, the fingers in her pussy never losing pace not missing a stroke, Julie was working herself into a frenzy. The oil on her hand was supplemented by her own secretions and she fingers worked furiously inside the stunning vixen’s hole.

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