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#341440 - For the next week Mr and Mrs Smith were polite but didn’t speak of the night, so I thought that it was just a one off, I couldn’t have been more wrong, the next night I was doing my round when Mr Smith asked if I would like to see some photos of their friends, as I sat down in their room they turned on the TV and sure enough there was Mrs Smith when she was 50 being serviced by 3 males and Mr Smith being a good husband and preparing each man for the job with his mouth, as the video continued I watched Mrs Smith get serviced by each of the men at least 3 times. The rest of the shift was uneventful. Whilst watching this Mr Smith had unzipped my pants and was giving me head, Mrs Smith was sitting on the bed with her nightdress pulled up and her fingers pulling at her pussy, once the video had finished Mrs Smith asked would I mind fucking her again, as I climbed on top I felt Mr Smith playing with my balls, this felt really nice and as I was slowly thrusting into the pussy I felt Mr

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