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#386771 - Debbie asked, “What should I wear to the mall and dinner, Daddy?” I said, “The outfit that you wore down to greet me will do just fine! I liked the fact that you didn’t wear any panties too! The sales clerk in the shoe store should like that too!” Debbie said, “Well, in that case I suppose I’ll just have to make sure that he gets a very good look then!” We went back to my bedroom to get dressed then Debbie made her bed and we left. Standing she placed her finger under my nose before slowly walking out the door dragging her towel on the floor as she went. I lifted her ankles to my shoulders and slipped my cock into her pussy while she watched me.

Read Skirt 小哥~想不想嚐嚐…母女丼的滋味?JK和人妻竟搶著跟我做愛!? 1-8話 Women Sucking 小哥~想不想嚐嚐…母女丼的滋味?JK和人妻竟搶著跟我做愛!? 1-8話

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