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#384218 - Gourry's stomach started to growl and he then realized he had not yet eaten anything yet and then looked to the roasted girl, sat down and grabbed a plate of meat for himself and started to eat it fast, WOW, Do all girl taste like this? Gourry said after his first bite, Yep Lina replied, Yep very yummy Naga agreed as she shoveled more meat into her mouth, Gourry still hungry got up to carve more meat from the roasted body of the spitted girl and realized all that were left on the spit were some charred black bones, SHE'S ALL GONE WE ATE HER ALL UP Gourry said as he dropped to his knees, Im still hungry He Siad starting to cry a little and then remembered, That's right im traveling with two girl's he thought to himself and looked to Lina and Naga, Don’t even think about it Lina said, I’ve already had a spit in me once today that was enough Lina added, Me too Naga agreed, I wouldn't even think of it ladies Gourry said with a grin. Once at

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Misaki suzuhara
Glad you enjoyed it
Hercule elly barton
Y all hear tht tho sound like mac and cheese
Yuuko ichihara
Dick ain t hard enough