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#42646 - So you do and you see me getting a bag out of the truck ! By this time you no your going to get something special ! Your all excited and your trying to picture whats going to happen! You fell your panties geting wet! I come and get you and I grab your arm and turn you around an put a blind fold on you and slap your ass an tell you to move! Im guiding you in and your triping on sticks and all you can see is a little Light at the very bottom of your blindfold . One day we were at home and I told your mom the you signed up for wood shop and I was going to take you and make sure that you were ok! I come and get you from your room and tell you the story and we head out! When we get in the truck you ask what was up and I dont say anything! You ask again and I tell you that you have been a bad girl and Daddy has plans to punish you! Just me telling you that got my dick going !You keep asking what did I do Daddy what did I do! Kat you know what you did! You say no I dont Daddy! And

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Who is this btw
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