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#325712 - the sight of these two ladies in there sexy underwear was starting to have an effect on me which the women noticed,Glenda looked at Susan & asked if she could maybe share me with her,Susan told her she didn't mind if i didn't,i said that i was really in no position to argue & Glenda put her hand under the robe & started to rub my hardening cock,Susan got up & knelt on the floor & started to kiss my legs whilst Glenda pulled the pants down & licked my cock & balls,by now i was rock hard & couldn't believe what was happening to me,Susan got up & took down Glendas pants & started to kiss her arse & legs,don't waste that Glenda,put it in you,it will make a change from our vibrators & strap-on,Glenda stopped sucking my cock & sat across me & lowered herself onto my cock with a groan,god that feels goodshe said,Susan knelt behind her & played with my balls & slipped a finger up Glenda's arse,Glenda screamed with delight & came & collapsed off me onto the settee,S

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