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#139624 - Well it was late and my journey had caught up with me, so cuddling her close we fell into a deep sleep, I woke before her, my morning woody between her legs, so with care I slipped it into her pussy and gently began to fuck her again, she lay still at first then moved pushing back, her body now showing signs of interest, began to shake, as she succumb to her first orgasm of the day, followed very quickly by my own orgasm. So then I opened a picture of Sue taking a fist in her pussy, Pauline gasped again, then one of her butt being fisted, NO way she said, So in for a penny in for a pound, I opened a picture of me taking a fist too that did it, she nearly fainted. Pauline asked if they got naked too, I said all the time at home or club, and showed her some pictures of us at a club dance,, we had some fancy dress night on, but one or two pictures showed us, or others naked, she seemed to like those ones most.

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