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#165154 - On Sunday, the older members of the family went to have their customary long naps after consuming the roast beef of old Argentina, father and mother upstairs and grandfather inert and snoring under an open copy of the “News of the World” with its coy tales of the escapades of vicars, scoutmasters, company directors and used car salesmen. At that point, my nerve almost failed me: her vulva looked something like some deep sea creature with its complicated slithery red folds surrounded by that thick growth of curly hairs, extending down from her belly, over her mound and down into the cleft between her ass cheeks to the darker colored skin around the tiny puckered entrance to her anus with its own wisps of silky surrounding hairs. At first, you know, I thought I shouldn’t but then I realized I wanted it that way too and I thought I’d give you an opportunity to have me.

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Saki yamagishi
Absolutely gorgeous hair