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#387991 - I tell her “come with me, and I’ll get you something dry to change into, while I put your clothes in the dryer” but she shakes her head (spraying water as she does) and says “I’m not going to walk through your beautiful house dripping all over the place, I’ll just take my things off here, and then we can go dry off” before I can say a word, off come the shoes, leggings, yoga tights, then her sports bra, leaving her in a pair of white thong panties, with her pale pink nipples hardening from having been cold “your turn” she grins, I smile at her “okey dokey…” I pull off my shirt, then drop my workout shorts, while I’m still bent over, I reach over and grab her clothes up with mine, then standing I sort of hold them in front of my crotch. it hurts so fucking bad right now…oh god. refuse ……ohhhhhhhh…fuck… an offer like that” she groaned out as she slid all the way down onto my cock.

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