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#46169 - “Well well well, u r wet, I wonder why, r u hiding anything down there and put it in some wet things to conceal it” “No no I swear to god there is not anything down there, im just a little wet, I may peed on my self from fear” “ no no no I don’t believe you, please remove your shorts immedialty or else” “Please dont make me lose them plzzzzzzzzz” Well she insisted and finally I went behind the car and took them off. I took my bra off and returned to face the police officer only wearing pussy juices soaked panties. ‘Ma’am would you please face the car please I have to search you, there is an info about some drug dealers in this area and im obliged to search you’ I faced the car and she started to search me, she began with my feet where she started searching my legs and socks.

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