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#163889 - Squirming and wriggling Julie tried to push him away, hissing “Adam, that’s enough, let go of me” Stepping back a little he grabbed the belt of her bathrobe, by now open all the way down, exposing both of her luscious tits and the smooth mound of her freshly shaved pussy. and now you have had it up you once you’ll want it again won’t you, your legs will always be open for me won’t they? After today I’m going to fuck you anytime I want, 10 mins after knocking your door I’m going to be balls deep in your hot tight cunt” Bent double, out of breath and red faced there was little Julie could do but nod her head, panting “oh yes oh yes oh yes” in time to the pounding she was getting from Adam’s big cock.

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Festenia muse
What an ugly un educated bastard that was hard to watch