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#310 - Ricky was shocked seeing my tongue in and all over Alice’s pussy screaming “How did you manage to get her to accept that, did you know that Maria has been trying hard to get to this bitch’s pussy and never was able to?” I said “really? I have already figured, Maria would be a good pussy eater, how come she could not get under Alice’s panties?” Ricky said “yes, I know Maria is a good pussy eater, besides being the best cock sucker, she would make me cum in her mouth, she had licked all the girl’s pussies in this place, except for Alice, how did you manage to get her to spread her legs for you?” By then I have already enjoyed a good fifteen minutes of ass fucking by the super huge cock, I said “coming to think of it, there is one thing I did not get this little slut do so far, I want to switch places with her Ricky” Alice and I switched places, she was on her knees being fucked by Ricky while I spread my legs wide open saying “Now, I want you to show me how good of a pussy eater you

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