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#101315 - I was possessed I just wanted to go over to him and touch him, touch his face, touch his hand, touch his hair any part of him, I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but one of my team mates slapped me in the back of the head, to get my attention, he had apparently shouted to me that kick off was about to begin and I just stood there open mouthed staring in awe at this handsome fucker from the other team. For the next 30 – 40 seconds we froze in that position, not squeezing each other, more just holding on to each others packages, feeling what was inside the others shorts, our eyes transfixed on each others wondering who would make the next move, I took the lead, I moved my hand from the front of his shorts and slid it up the space between leg of the shorts, he had on boxers but I was closer to his meat, the warmth and hardness under the soft material felt amazing, Stevie followed my lead only to find my uncovered balls first, then my pre cum dripping cock, It was clear now that we

Read Titties Shikyuu Yuugi - Uterus Game Ch. 4 Sentones Shikyuu Yuugi - Uterus Game Ch. 4

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