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#32450 - I changed into my old jeans and tee shirt and headed down stairs; I was pouring myself another cup of coffee when Meghan walked into the kitchen. She started crying and said I am really scared daddy, it is too big, it is going to hurt alot, please take it out I kissed her forehead and then her lips and then said I told you once we started this we would not stop until we were done, so I want you to take a deep breath and then look deep into my eyes, then we will start! She took a deep breath and then held onto my arms, she was sobbing and holding tight on my arms and I reached down and used her wet juices to lube up my cock, I kissed her again on the lips and then slowly slid my big cock into her tiny virgin pussy, her eyes were like silver dollars as I slowly ripped thought her virginity and buried my cock deep in her pussy in one slow long stroke. I told you I will not tell anyone, it will be our little secret, so you can relax now Dad, it is ok and she reached up and ki

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