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#228948 - I squealed and he stopped to let me catch a breath, he asked me if I was sure if I wanted this, I was In enough pain to get up and run but the memory of him with tear filled eyes made me lie and he started to fuck me, I prayed that he came soon as the mountain of pain I was in was the only thing I could think of, I eventually started getting the hang of it and pain became pleasure as his giant monster pounding my prostate felt really good and I began moaning, it had been a while since any one had fucked me and I missed it and was now liking it. All his clothes seemed to suggest he was from a place as rural as it can get, he would basically be new to this thing called fashion and trends.

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Tetsurou ishigaki
Nice job but the jeans must be more tight
So hot this little face could take many facials at once
Uzu sanageyama
Ha ha brilliant
Would love to eat that ass and let her spit in my mouth and make me swallow gorgeous naughty woman