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#60758 - The Dating Game I cant believe my friends don’t this they set me up on this blind date sorta thing where its set in this coffee shop and the guys are sitting at a table there is about six tables and its booked there is enough room for one more girl well you have ten minutes to talk and at the end your to ask whether or not the person wants to continue im thinking how desperate can you be to do something like that so all of a sudden this nice coco skin girl comes in and she blows everyone out of the water I watch her she has to be a c cup no problem she has a nice figure and a skirt with a blouse on she sits down and starts going through people all im getting to is yada yada im bored then she sits down at this tableso she tells me looking into my eyes I got a thing for you to do its three dates with me tonight see how long you can last if you can last on these things then you get me she has a beautiful vioce nice and sweet I look at her and say im game so she grabs my hand and we

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Tomoko kuroki
She is brazilian
Kokonotsu shikada
He said i love you wtf
Irui gan eden
I will