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#209609 - Not finding anything she tries one of the smaller boutiques, loosing herself in her thoughts Alice jumps when she hears a man’s voice behind her, ‘See anything you like?’ Turning she’s confronted by one of the assistants, ‘Sorry, what did you say?’ she asks blushing. Sucking harder and licking faster Alice feels her pussy flood again and without warning he starts to cum filling her mouth and making her swallow or choke, he keeps cumming and unable to swallow it all Alice lets some of his cum leak out of her mouth falling to her breasts. Without warning he pulls out and she feels the last of his cum splash over her arse as he lets her collapse to the floor shaking and still orgasming.

Read Nena Osananajimi no Wagamama Sex Ch. 1~2 Ftvgirls Osananajimi no Wagamama Sex Ch. 1~2

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Aw the 3rd guy never really actually got in there but props for trying
Kota shingyoji
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