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#88574 - After which his fingers all three of them deep then deeper found their way in, and started working back and forth? I could not believe what he was doing? This in and out probing continued, as he expertly rolled his fingers down curving them? I had no idea being so young and naive, as they found my skeen gland commonly known as the “G” spot, and was even more surprised as he was intent on, and going to. Now with my senses more normal I was finally able to get a good look at this peace officer, he was about 40 yrs old black with piercing eyes, and looked at me more like an abducting pervert, that an officer of the law? My only concern at the time, was would I graduate? All of this sinful sex of mine would be in the local news paper, and quite a sensation for a small town over the next week or so? I lived there, and everyone would know, was devastated depressed and had resigned myself to the fact that my parents would have to suffer this terrible embarrassment like me, from my stupidity?

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