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#363649 - When Nan had composed herself, she stretched out her arms to Melanie and pulled her up on the bed to her, where upon she promptly gave Melanie and deep French kiss, probing her mouth with her wet tongue. Finally breaking away, Nan asked contentedly, Exactly how far is it to Seattle, anyway!?! Melanie snuggled up next to her new lover and replied softly, Just far enough, just far enough!!! THE END. It's all yours, hon, Nan bubbled, her naked body dripping still dripping wet from her shower! Melanie was now staring openly at Nan's body, but for some reason she didn't care whether Nan saw her or not! Nan noticed the look on Melanie's face and said, What's the matter, am I offending you!?! Not at all, Melanie almost too quickly responded, I was just admiring your excellent physical condition! Nan took that as a real compliment and did a fast pirouette, giving Melanie a better look at her whole body and then replying, You look in pretty good shap

Read Pregnant Adinda The Regenerator Girl #3 - Original Screaming Adinda The Regenerator Girl #3

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