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#108475 - I had been living next door for only a few months, and when I first moved in I had discovered that the family next door consisted of two daughters which I hadn’t been aware of when I bought the house. It was something I looked forward to each day to see the sisters set off for school, dressed in their regulation crisp white blouses, both girls nipples quite clearly visible through the material but the elder ones’ more so because of her blossoming bosom, stripy ties, and short pleated burgundy skirts. Just then I heard a car arrive at the front and she, quick as a flash, leapt to her feet, pulled her top down and her shorts up, scooped up the blanket and ran indoors – evidently she had been alone in the house, and I guessed her parents didn’t approve of sun worshipers! This was the first of many occasions over the next few weeks when I delighted in spying on her as she sun bathed, it was the school holidays and as both her parents worked, she had plenty of opportunity for her cl

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