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#41089 - Daddy stopped, his cock inside my pussy and looked down at me. You want to bounce on daddy’s cock slut? You want to be daddy’s special little whore?” I heard myself say the words “Yes daddy, I want to be your special little whore, fuck me daddy, make me cum, fuck me good daddy” Daddy just smiled that evil little smile and said to Rita. “Please stop daddy” I cried, “it hurts, please daddy stop” but he was past the point of stopping, then I heard Rita say “fuck her Tom, I want to see you fuck her, do it for me baby, fuck her hard” He stopped then and looked at me.

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Vincent lowell
I wish she did not have those tattoos
Sanae nakajima
Some good canings with some photogenic wheals i hope it really stung their backsides
I have never senn such a great dick sucker