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#99720 - You moan out as you feel your clothes come off, laying there in bra and panties you feel your pussy on fire, without thinking you slide your hand down your panties and finger yourself frantically making the two guys laugh, you moan out as your fingers push inside you the constant thought that two guys watching only making you go harder. You moan out as you feel a cock pushing into your wet pussy, your scream of pleasure is muffled by the cock pounding your throat, your pussy reaching the feeling of full before it pulling out and shoving back in, your pussy being pounded harder than you ever thought, your moans and screams filling the air as you feel yourself wanting to cum but not being able to, your pussy tightens and is stretched hard forefully, your mind going blank as you feel your mouth fill with cum. You walk in the room and he locks the door behind, you look around the dimly lit room and notice the strange guy that was staring at you.

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