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#351659 - “We can’t just assume she’s dead! We need to know for sure! We have to find proof!! Aren’t you even the least bit concerned that your daughter may be out there somewhere?? Cold and alone and scared???” “If she was anywhere near by then she would have turned up by now… If I know her like I hope I do, then she’s out there somewhere, beyond my grasp… And honestly it’ll be easier for her if my enemies think she is dead…” Kail growls lowly, remembering seeing a shadow on the ground that day “And what if they already got her?? What if she was kidnapped?” “What makes you think that Kail?” Kail sits down in front of John and tells him of the odd shadow that crossed the ground, about how the shadow passed in front of the castle and suddenly disappeared. why not now.

Read Scandal Melody - Ojamajo doremi | magical doremi Grandmother Melody

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Haruno yukinoshita
Very nice
Kizuna hida
She s so perfect instant favorite
Ragyo kiryuuin
But why should a teacher has that much pencils on her desk