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#182676 - I grabbed the back of her head and forced her head forward as my erection grew inside her mouth. so I might have an opportunity for some fun here before he got back! The delightful Ellie – 14, long blonde hair, a body to die for, and stunningly beautiful, who I had screwed for the first (and so far only) time the week before, and 11 year-old Gemma, all podge and awkwardness, but whom I had now had the pleasure of an several occasions, mostly of HER making! Ellie had pissed me off (see previously “and they want me to babysit”), so through Gemma I had effectively wrecked her reputation with all her friends and at school; but she had since ‘begged’ me, via her sister, that she would ‘do anything’ if I would undo the damage! I thought it was probably impossible to reverse – but she wasn’t to know that was she! So I had a relatively short period of time to come up with a plan of how to satisfy my lust for ‘my’ Ellie! AND, later, how to tell their father that his wife had left hi

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