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Pervert 霞洛最后的任务 - League of legends Ameteur Porn

[Mumuy] 霞洛最后的任务 (リーグ・オブ・レジェンズ) [中国語]


Characters: Xayah (8)
Languages: Chinese
Categories: Doujinshi
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#260090 - It was on the ride home were my thoughts finally caught up with me and I felt more than my fair share of guilt over what we had done, it was after my third time for mentally kicking myself that my older sister must have realized that I wasn't alright and she leaned over and whispered Jack you have nothing to be ashamed about I needed your help and you helped me thats all But Cass what about the other stuff, you know when I fucked you in the ass I whispered back Kinda hard to forget that part Jack she replied I silently laughed at that (I really don't think my mom and dad would have gotten the joke) Besides I can't have you all worried, after all the next time we do it I expect the same treatmentShe said with a sly grin It took me a second for the words to sink inYou mean you want to do that again? Hell yeah, after all it was a lot more fun than when I usually get an enema…………. My sister Carrie on the other hand is a knockout by anyone

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