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#118058 - She bleary eyed, and looked like she had been on a bender the night before. “He's a fuckin' liar!” Chantelle cried “He dumped me 'cause I couldn't get in the club, like the bouncer called me on my fake ID, so Josh just left me there, and I had to walk home!” Kaylee responded “That's not what he told me, he said you hooked up with a bunch of guys and left him solo at the club!” “Oh yeah?!” Chantelle looked furious “If that's true, how come he stole my purse, with all my money and my phone?” “He didn't say nothing about that” was Kaylee's quick retort. “What the fuck!?” I barked “I told you to get dressed!” “Fuck my mouth again, okay, pleeeeease? That was so hot!” she managed to say between gasps, as she brought herself closer to orgasm.

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Tenshi hinanai
Sooo sweet
Nice vid love it