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#184131 - Jennifer, would you please come in here and bring your pad!?! Right away Mrs. but they also tell me that I suck a mean pussy!!! Emma chuckled at Jenny's light hearted insolence, and after taking one last look at her fat lips, she pressed her mouth into flushed organ and rapidly tongued the young woman to a devasting climax that had her bouncing her cute little ass up and down off the large oak desk!!! The rest of the day was spent doing the mundane work required of and executive secretary, typing, filing, answering the phone, etc, that is until four in the afternoon when Emma Burke poked her head out of her office and announced, We're going to my club, get ready, we'll be leaving in five minutes!!! Of all the perks that came with working for an executive vice president, this is one that Jennifer enjoyed the most, because the Women's Mutual Club was the most exclusive and best appointed club in the city, and being only a secreatry, it would have been impos

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Cure flora
She an ig model init i think i seen her
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Nice ass but that pussy dry den a popeyes biscuit