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#263232 - Soon enough, the one inside his penis retracted, and the one coiled around his shaft coiled back, both giving his penis a final dual stroke, that forced his orgasm to explode, and to his amazed eyes came out his juicy cum, thick, lumpy and BLUE! He knew it was now not his cum anymore, it was the creature's seed. *** On a sunny day, he was biking up and down the hill, on which his family's house was, he reached to a point at the bottom of the hill, which was near the sea, and which was mostly avoided by the people in the neighborhood, due to its bumpy, rocks-filled ground, were no bikes or cars could go further, and where the sea is vigorously invading the land, and making it a damp, muddy, no-Man's area of the hill and shore. Horrors combined.

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