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#93620 - How is Christina coming along Who? Hahaha the nurse her name is Christina I thought you knew that She never told me Well we will have another girl lined up for you by tomorrow Is she going to be another nurse? No, we have a couple of people that signed the release form that we didn’t give the drug to once we realized that we couldn’t reproduce what happened to you. the doctor should be here in a few minutes She stood up and put her arms around me and started to move in to kiss me and said How long do you think we have? Hopefully he’s running a little late I push her up against the wall and lift her legs up and she gladly raps them around me as my dick starts to get hard and she positions herself she says Make me feel like you did last time I hear desperation in her voice and she has a hungry look in her eyes and I don’t mean the fact that she hasn’t eaten in the past few days.

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