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#57490 - when me and harvey woke up he asked me if i wanted some breakfast so i said yes please baby so harvey handed me a fruit salad and a protein shake i gave him a kiss and we ate are breakfast i asked him are we still going to the bank today baby yeah but i need to go see my mom first and i think you should go see your aswel okay babe so me and harvey went to get dressed when we went into are bedroom i pulled my boxers off and harvey slapped my butt so i tackled him on are bed harvey laughted at me and said babe if you want me all you gotta do is ask how about i give you a little dance? so i reached over to my bed side table and got the cd player remote and turned it on and gave harvey a lap dance when i was finished harvey was hard but i got dressed and so did he i just put my shirt on when harvey pinned me to the wall and started kissing me passionatly he started putting his hand up my shirt so i broke are kiss and said calm down big boy we have a lot to do today harvey

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