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#257221 - I stepped into a stall that only had sides and no privacy door behind me, I was engrossed in the pleasurable experience of relieving myself a pleasure all men know when I heard this voice say very nice looking cock, I turned to see this athletic younger man with his hand holding what looked like the cock of a porn star, awesome looking actually maybe 4 inches around and about 8 inches flaccid, I stared at it and barely was able to mutter the words thanks. I opened my eyes and instinctively reach out for his and felt his cock in my hand it was a surreal feeling and his cock grew to what I only estimate to be at least 12 inches and was hard as a rock and some weight to it was actually heavy, dam I said a smile and I slowly stroked it pulling it toward me gently milking it. He continued for a few more minutes and as quickly as he went down on me, he had stopped.

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