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#193570 - Moms hands came up and held onto the fat sides of my wife’s hips as she licked hard against the base of my shaft. Even as my mind numbing pleasure began to subside, I held my distended member inside it’s ancestral home and continued to relish the warm massage that mother’s cunt was giving me. When my wife had caught her breath she said, “I want to see you guys fuck… I want you to let your son fuck your pussy… OK?” Mom’s only response was to take my rigid dick in her mouth and softly moan.

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Fuuko kurasaki
Watching her watching them i feel like the freak of kink
Kirino chiba
You guys are a beautiful couple i hope that one day we get to share a bottle of wine keep up the great work my friends and thank you for letting us see your expression of love i hope you guys enjoy ours my friends