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#317277 - Kim was a good looking woman, at 37 & married for 9 years she had short blonde hair, baby blue eyes, a nice tight firm body that complimented her 36c boobs, her legs were long & flairing & she'd always have guys drooling over her whenever she went out. Kim was in the kitchen putting the shopping away when she heard the doorbell ring, who could this be she thought, im not expecting any visitors, Kim opend the door to see Bob standing there, Hi Bob wots up she said, Hi Kim is Mark around i need to speak to him its important, No Bob Marks at work & wont be home until 7pm wots wrong Bob, Awww its just that i need someone to talk to Bob said, Bob then started to put his crocidile tears on, My ex wife is planning on takeing the kids away to another country with her new man & im going through hell at the thought of it, i just dont know what to do anymore, he said with false tears running down his face, Well come into the house Bob you can speak to me about it Kim said feeling so sorry f

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