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#133362 - I had him take the lead, he started to caress her, again she seemd like she never had been seduced in a loving manner, she had stated that her ex, would just fuck her no romance or foreplay at all again this scenario, with lights dimmed, some champagne, a little chit chat,I had to sit her down for a second on the bed, this seduction scene was absolutely foreign to her, the sight of her sitting on the edge of the bed WOW!!!!her jacket barely covering her, I noticed her nipples were erect like pencil erasers, she kept on crossing then uncrossing her legs, her chin on her hands,just a sight, her g-string was a x-small, and she is petite so it was rided up her ass crack and vagina lips. I have a few more escapdes I will share at a later time, another massuer, her first young guy, her 2nd and 3rd young guy, then multiple guy's.

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