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#113342 - We both played and laughed and gently flirted and touched each other under the water, she would occasionally grab my rob and pull on it smiling cheekily at me. ” While chatting I notice that only females were unpacking the truck, so I asked her “is you dad coming later?” “no, he left us for some bimbo, mum says he never wants to see us again” she replied with a tear in her eye, I decided this was a sore subject and so to change it I offered for her to come in for a drink. ” “Thanks I will do, wow this is a nice house, do you live here alone?” “most of the time, do you need a hand with unloading?” “Nah, I think we are almost done, I was helping but mum told me to get out of her way for a while and introduce myself to some of the neighborhood kids.

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