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#38689 - I sat on the toilet for a few minutes trying to push out the weeks worth of shit backed up inside me it was a bit of a struggle to push but then Cameron came in asked if I was ok but the constipation on my face said it all she knelt down between my legs and went to eat my pussy on the toilet I layed back enjoying what I had between my legs relaxing my body but it didn’t stop there Cameron brought me forward a little bit so my ass hole was just in the bowl and my pussy hole was revealed Cameron aimed her cock all the way inside my pussy and fucked me hard on the toilet it got so rough she picked me up and had me ride her I had that feeling again where I held her clawing her back as her cock reached all the way inside me rubbing against my tingel spot till I couldn’t handle it any more a big wave of squirt went through me pushing out her cock causing me to land back on the toilet seat and continued squirting in the toilet followed by my ass giving way explosively shitting in the toilet t

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Lemonade baba
A ver cuando me vuelven a coger en la playa que rico