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#128139 - I just stood still in the closet “Ok she is not home nick this is the only time im gonna do this for you ok, she would kill me if she knew I was doing this for you”. I pulled my pants up and sat on the bed my brother and the two boys sat down on some chairs. ” he said “he was sniffing your underwear and he asked me to do it to and I did and it just turned me on a little so I had to come do it again today” “well its pretty grose but im really flattered” I said smiling “So you can do it anytime you want ok” “really can I go do it now, mom and dad are sleeping?” he asked “yea but only if you do it for now on when Im around ok” I said “ok” We quietly went down the hall to my room trying not to make too much noise.

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Awesome bj keep up the good work
Miyuki hoshizora
Wow im fucking lonely hey