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#364463 - Valerie Rydell stood nervously in front of the Underground Bar while trying to decide if she should go inside. Lindy took another swig of her beer and asked, Have you ever even been with a woman? Valerie shook her head no and replied, But I've thought about it a lot, and today I just couldn't stand it anymore and came down here to do something about it! Well, you came to the right place for that, Lindy laughed while hopping of her stool and taking Valerie by the arm, come on, follow me! W-wait, Valerie stammered as she stumbled along behind the big lesbian, where are we going? Here, Lindy replied when they reached a booth at the far back of the bar, now slide in. Don't you ever push me away again, she said evenly, now open your fucking blouse or I'll rip it off!!! Valerie was at that very moment wondering what she had gotten herself into but like a robot she unbuttoned her blouse and offered no more resistance when the big dyke ripped open he

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I wish this would happen to me when i pull random girl s pants down in parking garages