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#5770 - James’s cock twitched upon hearing her answer knowing it was only a matter of time before he had it buried deep inside this stunning beauties tight pussy, he took a few deep breaths trying to contain the excitement not wanting the young girl to see his more devious side, that time would come very soon he thought to himself with a tiny grin.   Megan's head was rushing as she moaned out in pure bliss, her eyes were still closed as she savored the electricity surging through out her young body, this older, black man had made her cum in a way she hadn't experienced for a good while and she craved more, her back was arched sticking out her curvy behind, loving the way James was slurping away at her trembling pussy, his big mouth enveloped her twat as his expert tongue prolonged her orgasm, her legs felt like jello as they wobbled almost unable to support her threw the ecstatic high, she was totally lost in a sea of pleasure when suddenly the young girl felt a hard presence at h

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