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#2177 - What the hell's going on here, exclaimed Ben, as he tried to adjust his eyes to the light! Shut up and be quiet, a familiar voice hissed! Krista, it's you, a stunned Ben stammered, what are you doing here?!? What do you think, asshole, she spat, I'm gonna make you fucking pay for dumping me for this little slut!!!! Ben looked over at a very frightened wife, who was clinging to his arm and shaking at the same time, and it was at that moment that Ben first noticed the automatic Krista was holding in her right hand. That's right toots, Krista replied, I'm out of here right now, no hard feelings, okay, Ben? Ben nodded as a small smile crept over his face and replied, Yeah, Kris, no hard feelings! A moment later and she was out of the apartment and gone, leaving the two stunned lovers to theri own devices!!! It took Sarah only a matter of minutes to free herself and then Ben from their ropes! When they finally were loose, Ben picked up the tape

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